Gavin Christie and Bede Evans

KKOOEE sounding a bush call as the new global marketplace for engineers

Gavin Christie

Gavin Christie
Oct 17, 2016 10:32

KKOOEE is sounding a metaphorical bush call as the new global marketplace for engineers.

It started over a beer, as most good things do, two mates Gavin Christie and Bede Evans decided that there had to be a better way to connect engineers looking for work with project co-ordinators hunting for talent.

“As two people who have worked inside the industry for more than a decade we knew the inefficiencies with finding and procuring engineers for work,” Mr Christie said.

“A lot of our friends were starting to lose their jobs as the mining downturn hit Queensland so we saw the enormous potential of people moving into freelance and independent models of employment.

“We saw the opportunity to create a global platform for clients to find engineers for projects and for engineers to find work.”

The pair started building a business plan and took the platform live in July this year.

They had hoped to have 1000 engineers on board in their first six month, but in just three months of operation they have already blitzed that target with more than 1500 on board.

They’re now targeting 3000 engineers by the end of the year.

“There is a big increase in people looking for new ways to work,” he said. “There’s also a large ageing population of engineers with decades of experience who might not want a full-time role but want to work.

“This platform is designed around a more agile workforce.”