Independent Freelance Engineer

The independent freelancer is the engineer of the future

Gavin Christie

Gavin Christie
Jun 30, 2016 11:37

The engineer of the future will be vastly different to the disenfranchised in-house cubicle existence dominating today’s workforce. The travel-intensive career in a consulting firm that appears attractive today will soon feel like a restriction of personal freedom.

Don’t believe it?

Check out at Glassdoor.com. Search a few of the engineering firms you know and read the company reviews (and if you happen to be the CEO of one of those firms, take note).

Conventional employment models are no longer cutting it for engineers

Maybe their companies aren’t facilitating their professional aspirations, perhaps they seek a healthier life balance, or they’d simply prefer to work directly for clients. Engineers are realizing that they should be in control of their destinies.

A shift is taking place to an open talent economy like the new engineering crowdsourcing site kkooee, which connects freelance engineers with the clients who need them.

A movement has already begun

Over the next few years, the engineering services industry will see a significant increase in the number of independent freelance engineers. This shift will be driven by desire.

The global market has enabled the rise of the independent workforce

Connectivity and the increasingly social nature of the digital landscape allow professionals across multiple industries to seek opportunities outside their geographical locations, creating a hunger for new challenges.

A recent Deloitte research paper into the future workforce found that independent workers make up 34 per cent of the current workforce – and this is growing at 20 per cent per year.

Platforms like Freelancer and UpWork have completely disrupted global industries in marketing and web development. These businesses enable freelancers from across the world to make a living; freelancers who are proud and thrive on personal freedom and independence, who find greater satisfaction in their work.

They offer their services, get contracted by clients from around the world, deliver projects on mutually agreed upon timelines, and watch their professional profiles grow on a global scale.

Companies seeking engineering services already view independent freelance engineers as a viable source of service delivery. But what if they could source all their engineering needs through a niche pool of qualified independent freelance engineers?

Unlike Freelancer and UpWork, platforms that focus more on marketing, web development and design, kkooee is the world’s first online crowdsourcing website built specifically for engineers and companies seeking engineering services.

The global engineering services industry is about to be disrupted – with significant benefits for clients and engineers.

Engineers will increasingly view self-employment as a goal

They’ll risk name and reputation for the promise of flexibility, independence, and truly satisfying work.

And when they do, they’ll turn to kkooee