Security, Confidentiality and Copyright FAQ's

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Is the information and data transferred and generated through a project confidential?

kkooee offers a project workspace for clients and engineers to manage the delivery of engineering projects. This workspace is safe and secure and information is only accessible to the clients and the engineer working on the project; we won’t even look at it. All exchanges of conversations/emails, contractual agreements, data generated and deliverables are stored and available through your project workspace. The kkooee Terms of Service and Services Agreement binds engineers to confidentiality provisions. Any confirmed breaches of confidentiality will be investigated by kkooee and may result in an engineer or client being banned from the website.


How safe is the kkooee website?

We take your security seriously.

We developed and secured the kkooee website with an Extended Validation (EV) Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certified level of protection. The standard SSL certification encrypts and protects information transmitted by you, as an engineer or client, from being intercepted by third parties. The EV SSL certification takes the standard SSL to the next level of website, transaction and data protection. The EV SSL validation incorporates some of the highest standards in identify assurance. We went through a rigorous process and evaluation to obtain our EV SSL certification.

How can you check this? The EV SSL Certificate triggers your browser address to display https://. Your address bar will also display as a green color if you use a browser released in 2007 or later (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 7). You can click on the information on the address bar specific to kkooee’s EV SSL.

We do take your security seriously. But our EV SSL certificate won’t protect you, as a client or engineer, from fraudulent behaviour on the website. Believe us, we don’t want this to happen. Do notify us immediately if you believe you or someone else has been subjected to fraudulent behaviour. We take all matters of this nature very seriously. Please notify us at the ‘Contact Us’ link below and we will investigate immediately.


What is kkooee’s Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP) Infringement Policy?

Copyright and intellectual property infringement is a serious offence. As a registered client or engineer, you have agreed and accepted that you will comply with kkooee’s Terms of Service and Copyright and IP Infringement Policy. That is, you will not impinge upon or use any information, designs or technologies that is copyrighted or is subject to intellectual property protection. Any violation to kkooee’s Terms of Service and/or Copyright and IP Infringement Policy will be taken seriously. Please notify us if you believe that a registered engineer or client has impinged upon information, designs or technologies that are copyrighted or subject to intellectual property protection.