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What is kkooee?

It’s simple. kkooee connects engineers with those who need them. It’s the world’s first online crowdsourcing marketplace dedicated purely to the engineering industry and its associated professions.

But, we’re more than just a dating website for clients and engineers. Contracts, project delivery and payments are all managed through the kkooee site. Best of all, it’s free to register and there are no on-going fees or obligations.


I am seeking engineering services. What are the benefits of kkooee?

We’re opening you up to a global talent pool of highly experienced and qualified engineers and professionals from all over the world. You can get you engineering work done extraordinarily fast and, in most cases, at less than half the cost of using engineering consulting companies. Post a project, review offers from engineers, select the best offer, enter into a contract and get your work done fast. You can contract engineers directly through kkooee on a fixed-price or hourly rate.


I am an engineer. What are the benefits of kkooee?

Freedom, project variety, global opportunities and, of course, money. We’re opening you up to a world of engineering projects that meet your work interests and experience. No bosses; just endless opportunity and flexibility as an independent freelance engineer. Register and complete your profile on kkooee and start offering your engineering skills and services. Most importantly, get paid directly and quickly for the services and projects you deliver.


How can kkooee help with my project?

Two key reasons: get work done extraordinarily fast and, in most cases, at less than half the cost of using local engineering consulting companies. Post a project outlining the engineering services you need. Within hours, you’ll have engineers around the world submitting offers to deliver your project. You can contract an engineer on a fixed-price or hourly basis. Just select the right engineer for you and start immediately.


What types of engineering disciplines are covered by kkooee?

It is a long list and it’s not restrictive. Everything from aerospace to mining, acoustics to water, architecture to environmental. We also cater for project delivery specialties like estimating, procurement and project management. But don’t be constrained by these engineering disciplines. Projects require a diverse range of skills and experience that don’t necessarily fit within each of these categories. Just post the services you need; we’ll even help you find the best person for your project.


What type of engineering services are covered by kkooee?

We aren’t restricted by engineering disciplines, sectors or the level of engineering detail you require or offer. kkooee currently covers the following engineering services:

  • Data analysis and interpretation;
  • Design and drafting;
  • Certification;
  • Consulting and advisory;
  • Research and development;
  • Pricing and procurement;
  • Project management;
  • Specialist services; and
  • Technical support.

But don’t be constrained by these services. Our site caters for all engineering disciplines, all services, all sectors and all geographies. 


What type of sectors do you cover?

We aren’t constrained by sectors. Our site caters for all engineering disciplines, all services, all sectors and all geographies. kkooee can support those seeking engineering services in the following sectors:

  • Mining and minerals processing;
  • Industrial and manufacturing;
  • Transportation;
  • Oil and gas;
  • Infrastructure;
  • Energy; and
  • Buildings and housing.

But don’t be constrained by these sectors. You may require engineering services or can offer engineering services in an alternative sector.


What phases of projects do you cover?

We believe that we can support projects, operations and companies at all stages of the business cycle. Don’t be concerned if your project does not fit neatly within a conventional phase of project development or operation. Post your project and specify the type of services you need. Let the engineering pool of talent on kkooee offer their services to you.


We are a consulting firm? What are the benefits of kkooee?

kkooee is perfect for consulting companies. You can use kkooee as either a client or engineer. Your position as a consulting firm has you both seeking and offering engineering services at the same time.

As an engineering firm, you can offer your services to deliver projects posted on kkooee. This can assist your firm to expand your experience, knowledge-base, capabilities, network and market. Individual engineers within your firm can offer their services to projects that meet their skill and experience set.

We know the cost and time pressures consulting firms are under when offering and delivering engineering services. Your firm can use kkooee to source the niche or urgent skills you need to deliver your project whilst keeping costs in check. You’ll be able to use kkooee to contract the skills you need – and only when you need them.

You can also use kkooee to hire your preferred engineering and engineering services contractors on an hourly basis (as project needs arise). You can save your preferred engineers and contract them on an as-needs basis through a fixed-price or hourly contract. This provides you with a tap of resources at your disposal that can be turned on at short notice to deliver your project.

Give kkooee a go and see how it can help you or your firm. Post a project or the services you require, or offer your services to clients – or both. 


What are the ratings of clients and engineers on their profiles?

It’s quite simple. At the completion of each project, you will be asked to rate your engineer or client. You’ll give them a rating out of five stars and will write a summary and recommendation for other users to see. We feel this is important in an online marketplace.

As a client, you want to know that the engineer you’re contracting has good references and a good track record. Sadly, we think this is lacking in the global industry. kkooee will give you, as a client, the ability to view real ratings and feedback and will you to select the engineer perfect for you.

As an engineer, you want to know that the client you’re about to offer your services to is reputable. After all, no-one likes working for a client that constantly shifts the goalposts or is slow at paying you. kkooee is unique – as an engineer you’ll be able to rate your client; and you’ll be to see the ratings other users have given the client (before you decide to enter into a contract).