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How do I post a project?

It’s simple. Register with kkooee, complete your profile and click on the ‘Post a Project’ link. Simply outline the details of your project, including the scope of work, expected deliverables and timeframe. You can indicate a specific budget, or leave that for engineers to propose a cost estimate, or request an hourly contract. You also have the capacity to upload any information relevant to the project. Keep in mind, you need to enter your PayPal registered email address, at the ‘Payment Methods’ page, before you can ‘Post a Project’.


Is there a limit on the size of project?

No. There is no limit on the monetary value of the project or the number of engineers you have working on a project. You can break up larger projects into milestones with a corresponding payment for each milestone. We recommend this for larger value or lengthy contracts.


How will kkooee protect my privacy?

kkooee will allow clients to maintain their anonymity through their profile settings. A ‘discreet’ profile will mean that clients' contact details are not disclosed or found through searches by engineers. Alternatively, companies can relax their privacy settings by clicking on the ‘Edit Profile’ link. Just select the privacy setting right for you.


Can I split payments into milestones?

Absolutely. We recommend you break up larger value projects into milestones with a corresponding payment for each milestone. We recommend this for larger value or lengthy contracts.


Can I have a project with multiple engineers?

Absolutely. You may need this when you have a project requiring several different engineers or engineering services required. Our project workspace will allow you to manage the engineers and track progress.


Can I approach individual engineers and contract them directly?

Sure can. Clients like this flexibility because it doesn’t requiring posting a project. You can approach and contract engineers directly through kkooee. It’s easy. Just search for engineers and highlight the disciplines, skills, experience level or location you need. You will have a list of engineers that best match your desired criteria. You can send a message to the engineer or engineers you feel match your project needs. Please note, it is a breach of our Terms of Service to approach an engineer through kkooee and engage them outside the website.


How do I choose the engineer I want to deliver my project?

You’ll receive offers from engineers when you post a project. But you don’t have to select an engineer straight away; you can correspond to clarify expectations prior to making an offer to your preferred engineer. Once agreed, you then make the selected engineer an offer. The engineer then chooses whether they are willing to accept the offer. It’s a fast and straightforward process.


How do I communicate with the engineer?

It’s simple. You can message an engineer through the internal messaging/email system on your project workspace. Any message you send or receive is sent to your registered email. That way, you can maintain timely communication and manage correspondence.

Keep in mind, correspondence with your engineer outside the kkooee website will cause problems in the event of a dispute. We can only rely on correspondence that has taken place on the kkooee site if we are requested to mediate a disagreement between you and your engineer.


How do I manage the delivery of projects?

kkooee has a ‘Project Workspace’ that is established for each project; it is setup up when you contract an engineer. You can use the workspace to manage correspondence, transfer necessary background data and review project progress and delivery. Only you and your engineer can access the project workspace.


How much does it cost to post a project?

It’s free. We do apply a USD25 posting fee. But, we aren’t charging this fee for the first 12 months following launch. We’re unsure if or when we will. But, we won’t be introducing the ‘project posting fee’ without telling all registered users, including you, first.


How can I rate an engineer?

It’s simple. You rate an engineer on communication, quality, timeliness and other factors. This is done upon the completion of a project. We urge clients to take ratings seriously. We believe that correct and responsible ratings will enable all clients, and you in the future, to select the best engineer for their projects. It is important to note that engineers will also rate clients (including you). Keep this in mind when delivering projects and communicating your engineers.


Will engineers sign a Nondisclosure Agreement or Confidentiality Agreement before undertaking a project?

No. Our Terms of Service specifies confidentiality as a condition of website use. We take confidentiality very seriously and consider it of utmost importance. Engineers or clients who breach confidentiality will be removed from kkooee. Clients also have the choice of requesting engineers to sign their own confidentiality or non-disclosure agreement; but make sure this requirement is known when posting a project.


Can I appoint an engineer to certify designs and drawings?

Absolutely. But, obviously, different countries have different certification requirements and specify the qualifications that engineers must possess when certifying a design. It is important to explain the qualifications you need when posting a project. Alternatively, you can search engineers that have the qualifications you require. You can contact these competent engineers directly if you believe they may be suitable. You can ask engineers to submit their qualifications prior to making them an offer.


Can I use my company’s terms and conditions when contracting an engineer?

kkooee offers a standard Services Agreement, containing contractual terms and conditions, through which engineering services are procured and managed. The Services Agreement, and the kkooee Terms of Service, are binding for all registered users and are non-negotiable. Companies can use their own standard terms and conditions if there are additional contracting provisions imposed by you or your company. Any use of non-kkooee standard terms and conditions should be clearly stated when posting a project.


How do I limit the number of engineers submitting a proposal for a project I post?

It’s quite simple. Clients have choices on kkooee when choosing to source an engineer(s) to deliver a service:

  • Search engineers meeting your criteria and contact the most suitable engineer directly; or
  • Search and identify several potentially suitable engineers that meet your criteria, then make contact and request a proposal from the engineers with the skills you need; or
  • Post a project requesting engineering services that specifies clearly the minimum qualifications and experience that engineers must meet.

Keep in mind that it is quick to reject engineers who submit a proposal that don’t meet your requirements. This means that the time taken to select an engineer won’t be onerous.


How can I ensure the qualifications and experience of engineers are correct?

kkooee will allow engineers to maintain profiles and these are linked to engineers’ LinkedIn profiles. The kkooee profiles will outline their experience and qualifications. We encourage all clients to closely check these profiles before selecting an engineer to deliver your project.

Engineers can upload their accreditations to their profiles. Clients will be able to view whether an engineer has a complete profile (including uploaded qualifications and certification) prior to contracting them for their services. But sorry, for privacy reasons you can’t download these freely from the engineer’s profile. You can request copies of engineer qualifications and certification prior to contracting them for service delivery.


Can I contract local engineers through kkooee?

Absolutely. We understand the clients sometimes need to contract locally for assorted reasons. kkooee allows you to perform advanced searches for engineers with appropriate qualifications and experience. This advanced search will allow you to search for engineers in a specific location. You should also specify the location where you would like the engineer to be located when you post a project. With this in place, you can still use kkooee to source engineers in your local region.